Vantage Junior Swim Goggles
Vantage Junior Swim Goggles

Vantage Junior Swim Goggles

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The Vantage Junior Swim Goggles offer cost-saving, modular lens power options from -5.00 to +8.00. These goggles consist of gray polycarbonate anti-fog lenses with UV protection; hypo-allergenic silicone adjustable head strap and poly-seal eye gaskets. We also include a protective carrying case! There is no need to add additional custom lenses to you order.

These goggles are recommended for ages 5 to 12. 

How to order:

  • Using your child's eyeglass prescription, choose the power that best corresponds to the correction listed under "Cylindrical" or "Cyl." Please note that "OD" refers to the right eye and "OS" refers to the left eye.  If your child has an astigmatism (correction listed as Sphere or Sph) you will need to increase your power. This can sometimes be confusing. For assistance, you may either call or chat with us or you may contact your child's doctor and ask for a "cylindrical equivalent" for the prescription.
  • Choose the color of frame.
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