Add Reading Lenses With Blue Light Filter

Add Reading Lenses With Blue Light Filter

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Optical Quality Reading Lenses For Any Frame
Change Any Frame Into Custom Readers


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Computer glasses and blue blockers both refer to eyewear that blocks blue light. ... Blue Light Filter lenses from is a virtually clear lens that blocks HEV blue light and provides maximum UV protection with minimal color distortion.
Includes 100% UV Protection ~~  Polycarbonate with AR


Prolonged exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can lead to eye strain and blurred vision. Studies have shown that it may also damage the retinal cells which can lead to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. Macular degeneration leads to vision loss over time. Blue Light Filter lenses block blue light and provide maximum UV coverage to protect your eyes.


We can do other powers that are not listed - please call or email with your request. PLANO - NON RX LENSES WILL BE $30.00 AS WELL.

Custom lenses are non refundable; sorry!

Love your frame, but your lenses need to be replaced?

We can replace lenses in any frame. If you don't know the type of lenses you have now, just send them in and we will copy the type and Rx. 

1) Choose your power when checking out. 
2) Proceed through the checkout. 

Send your frame to:  14650 Mossy Hammock Lane,   Myakka City, Florida 34251  Please be sure to include your name and order number with your frame.

Sorry, we can't be responsible for broken frames. Occasionally, in a blue moon, the lab breaks an old frame inserting the new lenses.