JH Japanese Havana
DB Demi Blonde
TO Tortoise
AH Amber Havana
CC Crystal Clear
BLK Black
TOSH Dk Tortoise
Airlite 1 Round Anglo American AA400 Eyeglasses

Airlite 1 Round Anglo American AA400 Eyeglasses

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Careful where you buy these frames- they are not authentic UK frames if purchased on Go Optic's or Easy Optical site.  

Designed to impress, the Airlite 1 Round 400 Eyeglasses blends style with functionality. The eyewear’s classic round shape together with brilliant choices of colors including black, blonde, brown, crystal, red and tortoise etc. make it a superior choice. The premium grade frame made from skin-safe plastic consists on non-spring hinges for added support and personalized fit.  If your buying from Go Optics or Easy Optical it is not authentic made in UK product! 

• Material: Plastic
• Frame Shape: Round
• Type: Non-Spring Hinge
• Gender/Style : Unisex
• Color: Black, Blonde, Brown, Crystal, Red, Tortoise
• Also available as a sunglass