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How to submit your rx

We are able to fill any prescription lens order within 2 years of your last check up.

You may submit your prescription in one of several ways:

  1. Snap a picture with your smart phone and text to: 941-780-8463.
  2. Email a scan or photo of it to

If high-tech isn't your thing, call us at 800-808-0895 Monday - Friday 10-4 EST and we will help you relay the information we need to fulfill your order!

Please remember to include your order confirmation number with all prescriptions in order to help speed up the process. Also note, we will need your PD measurement to fill all prescription lens orders.

PD stands for your Pupil Distance, the distance between your pupils. This measurement is crucial for us to align your prescription correctly. Anywhere that has made lenses for you in the past should have this measurement on file; it doesn't usually change once you reach adulthood. You should be able to obtain this measurement simply by calling them. You should not have to go in to have it remeasured unless you want to.

If you have to measure it yourself, no worries! Ask a friend for assistance. Place a ruler on the bridge of your nose and carefully align the "0" with the center of one pupil (the black part). Now read the measurement from this point to the center of your other eye. It is that simple!