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Shop Saddle Bridge Eyeglasses

Saddle Bridge Eyeglasses

Saddle Bridge Eyeglasses

For those who appreciate frames without nosepads, these frames are for you. A saddle bridge, the original method of frame design, is shaped like a horse's saddle; therefore, it spreads the weight of the frame across the top and sides of the nose. This style works well for heavy glasses or for those who are sensitive to pressure.

Saddle Bridge Oval Eyeglasses

Regularly: $110.00
Sale: $95.00

Stepper Eclectic Eyewear 9721

Regularly: $209.00
Sale: $140.03

Stepper Eclectic Eyewear 9701

Regularly: $209.00
Sale: $140.03

Diaflex Saddle 14kt GF Eyeglasses

Regularly: $395.00
Sale: $310.00

Porsche P 8002 Eyeglasses

Regularly: $450.00
Sale: $360.00

John Lennon Wheels

Regularly: $147.00
Sale: $118.00

British Oval 14K Eyeglasses

Regularly: $289.00

Harpo Eyeglasses

Regularly: $150.00

Karma's Cousin Eyeglasses

Regularly: $60.00

Funky Little Rectangle Eyeglasses

Regularly: $115.00
Sale: $95.00

Funky Little Round 30mm Eyeglasses

Regularly: $110.00
Sale: $95.00

Frankly Eyeglasses

Regularly: $69.00

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