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Prescription Eyeglass Lenses

Prescription Eyeglass Lenses
Send us your eyeglass prescription and we'll fill it!
Trust your prescription glasses to World-class opticians at our company ensure the quality and high standards of each and every prescription eyeglass and lens.

To replace prescription lenses in your old eyeglass frame, simply mail them to us and we make brand new prescription lenses for you.

How to order prescription lenses:

  1. Select the lens material (Standard, Ultra Thin, etc.) and any options.
  2. Place the order and checkout. You will receive an order number.
  3. Fax your eyeglass prescription or ask your doctor to fax it along with your order # to:
    941-926-4210. You may also email a scan or a photo of your prescription to
  4. *** IMPORTANT *** Please be sure your prescription has the PD (pupillary distance, usually between 55 and 70 mm). If you don't have your PD ask an optician or friend to measure the distance between your pupils. Click here for information on how to measure this yourself.
  5. Enjoy Looking, Seeing and Saving Better!

At, we are dedicated to quality customer service. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 808-0895 Monday- Friday 9am- 5pm EST to speak to a real live person! If email is your thing, please email us at