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Shop Hipster Chic Eyeglasses

Hipster Chic Eyeglasses

Hipster Chic Eyeglasses

Russell Westbrook. Dwyane Wade. LaBron James. These men are "Supermen on the Court, and Clark Kents Off." Embrace this geek chic look as seen in sports and in popular music. Try one of these fabulously retro square frames to set off your fashion look. Read more in The New York Times
Hand Made Barrister Liberty Eyeglasses

Regularly: $245.00
Sale: $190.00

ASE Legend Eyewear

Regularly: $249.00
Sale: $145.00

ASE Sergio Eyeglasses

Regularly: $249.00
Sale: $145.00

Victory Inspired William Eyeglasses

Regularly: $190.00
Sale: $140.00

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