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How do I order from

At, it’s easy to order lenses, eyeglass frames, eyewear and accessories. Just follow the easy steps below to place an order.

1. Choose a frame.

2. Pick lenses.

3. Check out!

It is that simple!

Please feel free to order up to three (3) frames. If you need help narrowing your choices down, please call within office hours to discuss with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

If additional information is needed, such as your prescription or eye measurements, these may be submitted after the order is placed. Our friendly staff can help you with this process. Feel free to call 1-800-808-0895, M-F 9a-5p EST, with any additional inquiries.

How To Order Eyeglass Frames:

  1. Browse through our library of frames or use our advanced search tool to find the frames you like.
  2. Choose the color and frame size, if applicable. If you need prescription lenses, move down to “ordering prescription eyeglasses” and read on or call our customer service representatives who are always happy to help (1-800-808-0895 M-F 9a-5p EST).
  3. After making your selections, proceed to checkout and review your selections for accuracy.
  4. Scroll down and enter in your shipping and billing information. Select shipping preference and hit ‘APPLY’. Your shipping charges will automatically calculate.
  5. If you wish to change your shipping method, you will be prompted to do so before continuing.
  6. Select your payment method and enter your information.
  7. Submit Order
  8. See better, look great!

Ordering Prescription Eyeglasses

Ordering eyeglasses online is not complicated. At, we don’t compromise customer service for online convenience. We want to help you find the best frames and lenses with the greatest ease and affordable pricing.

Below is information you may encounter while placing an order for prescription eyeglasses. If at any time you need further assistance, feel free to call us at 1-800-808-0895 or email customer service at We’re happy to assist you.

Remember, you do not have to have your prescription when you first place an order for prescription eyeglasses with us. You can always call or fax it in the prescription to us a day or two after you place your order. We will however, need the information before we can send you your completed order.

▪ How To Obtain Your Prescription

    Your eye doctor is required by law to provide you with a prescription and it should be no hassle to obtain. Any prescription within the last two years should work.

    If you do not have a prescription, you will have to schedule an eye test with your local optometrist. Make sure to ask your local optometrist to include your pupillary distance on your prescription.

Pupillary distance measurement

Pupillary Distance and How To Measure It

    Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centers of the pupils in each eye, usually measured in millimeters. This measurement helps to properly align prescription lenses to the center of the pupils.

    You can ask your optician to measure your PD or you have the option of measuring it yourself.

    To accurately measure PD, use a ruler and a mirror or ask a friend for assistance. Set a millimeter ruler on the bridge of your nose and align the 0’ mark with center of your left pupil. Looking straight ahead, use the ruler to measure the distance between the center of your left pupil and the center of your right pupil. The measurement should be taken twice for accuracy.

Eyeglass frame measurement

Where To Find Your Eyeglass Frame Measurement

    Most eyeglass wearers already know if they typically need a large or small frame. If not, then you are probably a medium. has a patent pending formula to simplify the process that labels each size in English: Small, Medium or Large.

    Many frames come in one size and are adaptable to many face shapes and sizes.

    However, if you already own eyeglasses and want to provide us with your frame size, the best way to find your measurement is to look at an old pair. The numbers are usually on the inside of the temples and look like this:

    The measurement inside the temple will be listed by model name, color name, size and temple length. You may enter your eyeglass frame measurement in the comments box on the order form.