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Glass Prescription Lenses

Glass Prescription Lenses

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Glass Prescription Lenses

Description and Specifications

Glass Lenses are still the hardest lenses available.
Glass also has excellent clarity.
They are heavier than plastic but worth it.
Glass lenses are NOT suitable for half-rimless or rimless frames.


Love your frame, but your lenses need to be replaced?

We can replace lenses in any frame. If you don't know the type of lenses you have now, just send them in and we will copy the type and Rx.

1) Choose your lens package from the choices on your right.
2) Proceed through the checkout.

When we recieve your order, we will email you a FREE shipping label to send in your frame! In a few days we will email you that your new glasses are complete and are shipping back to you!

Sorry, we can't be responsible for broken frames. Occasionally, in a blue moon, the lab breaks an old frame inserting the new lenses. Price


Step # 1: Pick Your Color & Size

Available Lens Type

  • Single Vision
  • Flat Top Bi-Focal (+$50)
  • Lined Tri-Focal (+$85)
  • Progressive No Line Bi-Focal (+$112)

Available Lens Tint

  • Clear- No Tint
  • Gray (+$12)
  • Green (+$12)
  • Brown (+$12)
  • Yellow (+$12)
  • Pink (+$12)
  • Blue (+$12)

Available Anti-Reflective Coating

  • No, thanks
  • Better: Ziess anti-reflective (+$70.00)
  • Ultimate: Crizal Aliz'e (+$150.00)

Available Transition

  • No, thanks
  • Almost Clear to Gray (+$95)
  • Almost Clear to Brown (+$95)

Available Polarized

  • No, thanks
  • Grey Polarized (+$90)
  • Brown Polarized (+$90)
Step # 3: Select A Lens Package
Select Lens Add-Ons
Crizal Easy Premium Anti-Reflective Coating +$75
Upgrade Your Progressive To Varilux Premium +$50
Tint +$30
Polarized +$80
Transition Light to Dark +$110
Edge Polish $15
Rimless Drill $65
High Prescription $25
Not High Prescription $0
Other Lens Options Available - or Call (800) 808-0895

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