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How to Pick Glasses for Your Face Shape

By Mathias Denichi 2 years ago 12596 Views No comments

Here's a little guide on how to pick glasses based on your face shape.

Man Awakes from Bachelor Party with a Ray Bans Tatoo

By Mathias Denichi 2 years ago 3482 Views No comments

This dude woke up with something a bit worse than a hangover after a bachelor party.

A pair of Ray Ban glasses were permanently tattoed on his face.

According to The Sun, the man had no memory of getting the tattoo.

"Waking up the morning after, I thought someone had used a permanent marker on my face," he said. "I had no memory of getting the tattoo because I had gone out celebrating, and when it happened, I was drunk."

Passion is just a prick away.

#raybanforlife #blessed